Me to Eternity” is a philosophic novel in search of our true selves.

The books heroine, Clara is a journalist -writer that works in New York for a magazine. She is a simple girl with a simple life until she starts having memories of her past lives. Suddenly she starts meeting and communicating with strange people from another time. She finds herself in different places, different realities all from different timelines. Clara feels like she is losing her mind. Her present is changing and she is losing control of her life as she knows it. Many problems and many unanswered questions come up. She needs to understand why she is meeting these people from another time. Is there such a thing as previous lives?

Clara wanting to understand what is happening, she starts seeing a phycologist and seeks help from her friends. She wants to live a normal life. But what happens when love knocks on her door? Is she ready to tell the truth? How can her strange new “friends” from the past, go away?

“Me to Eternity” is a beautiful story told with humor that describes every person’s need to get to know themselves. A dive in our subconscious, bringing light to our deepest true Being in order to then recognize and deal with our shadows.  A journey for brave souls who wish to find their own way and purpose in life ,  therefore creating the life they have always dreamt of.



Azaalear is a modern “Little Goddess”. The Divine Feminine, the cosmic Mother of all, are expressed and manifested within her. She is a heroine that begins her journey back to the Fountain of Knowledge.

Her journey takes her to far away countries and magical worlds. She will meet great Teachers, Philosophers, Warlocks and researchers of the Truth. She will face her pain, her fears, all her personal demons until purification….

You are the heroine. This story is about all of Us who wish to learn our true Self. Who wish prosperity and the life we have always dreamt of.



The swallow’s journey” a journey about self-consciousness, renewal. A journey about reclaiming life. The heroine’s mind travels among the sky and earth. She imagines a ship that looks like a floating city. Wise men from ancient times, sculptors, artists, poets and musicians are all fellow travelers that create a colorful, magical world. A world of knowledge and modern reflection of it.

Anna becomes a swallow. Seeking for the warmth of the heart, and emotions. She strives to feel the vibration of life itself, to live and to uplift the vibration of what she thinks of herself.

This novel is about our inner strength, how we can reprogram our Mind and how we can change our prospective on the way we live our lives. It is a metaphoric teaching rooted from the ancient ways of thought.

Our heroine travels to many harbors and encourages our reader to put flavors of color, laughter, music and love in our lives and become a swallow choose its hearts harbor.

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